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Spring Intuitive Fair

April 22nd, 2023  |  10-3pm

Welcome to the first fair of 2023!

Intuitive Readers, Card Readers, Bone Throwing, Healers & a few small local Vendors!

The event is walk-in, or you can pre-book your readings below! Just choose your reader, and click book now! 

Include in your request the reader you prefer and how long of a reading you would like! Check your e-mail for confirmation.

Event is cash only!

More readers and healers to be announced


Melanie Chase

Melanie comes from a generational line of psychics and intuitive readers and has been doing intuitive psychic readings professionally for over 30 years. Also a trained spiritual advisor and a natural healer Melanie can help you uncover what it is you need insight on.

15 min. readings for $40 

30 min. readings for $80 

Linda Melhoff

Spirit has been an significant part of Linda's life for decades. She is a hands-on and Reiki healer, empath, spirit communicator with clairvoyant, clairaudient, precognitive and vibrational sensitive skills. As a tarot card reader, Linda will assist you with your spiritual needs.

15 min. for $30

30 min. for $60


Darcey Kesner Hawkins

Darcey is a gifted clinical massage therapist and intuitive. She connects through touch transcending what is known to what Spirit wishes to reveal for you.

 15 min. cranial (head) or hand massage with messages for $30

Kassie Battista

During an Akashic Records Reading, Kassie brings forth the meaningful and uplifting details contained within your own limitless Akashic Record using a combination of clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient information received from your guides. Having specific detailed questions or matters to ask about is best with this type of connection. Moonology Oracle Card Readings are a great way to gain fresh perspective and understanding on the events currently in one’s life, or to ask simple questions and for general guidance.

Akashic Record Readings 30 min $60

Moon Oracle Card Reading 15 min $30


Karen Ferrel

Fully Booked!

Karen from the Scarlet Crow is a Medium, and a Bone Reader who uses her connection to the Spirit Realm to help give guidance about the life path you are on. Karen uses humor, and sass to help align yourself with your spirituality, and gifts.

Bone readings are similar to a Tarot Card reading, and a thorough reading can be done in 30 minutes, a more in depth one requires 45 minutes to an hour.


30 min. readings for $60 

45 min. readings for $75 

60 min. readings for $90 

Please include the reader, and the requested time in your e-mail!

Spring Psychic Fair | April 22nd: Leadership
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