Reminder you can find the most current info on Facebook, at First Spiritualist Church of Puyallup.


Every Third Sunday is business meeting following church service. Members please attend.


LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH, 12:30 Monthly Sunday Service Potluck following service, Bring a dish to share, (if it could contain a common allergen please label)


Study Group: Journey to the Soul

Every 1st and 3rd Sundays at 9am. $5.00

Currently on book 4 by Sylvia Browne, to order the books contact 408-379-7070 tell them you are in Melanie Chases study group to receive a discount.  

PLEASE NOTE NO CLASSSept 3rd, see you the 17th! 



Offered every WED at 6pm-715pm    Hosted by Sandi Koch.

This class is a gentle class perfect for newbies, patients with health concerns or someone who would like to try Yoga with a very patient Instructor. Sandi is trained in Yoga Align. She is a great teacher and specializes in assisting all levels of abilities.

$8.00, Bring a mat or borrow one.  




Come listen to a new speaker or perhaps even share from your heart, 7pm-8pm. every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

love donation


Ho'oponoponoSunday Oct 8th 1pm-3pm$20

Ho’oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving.
While the main purpose of this process is to practice forgiveness, it is also to discover the Divinity within oneself, and to release all that holds us back.

This class will be facilitated by Rev. Jackie Shein and Leesa Stiebrs.

Jackie has been teaching Spirituality modalities for 15 years.
Leesa is a Certified Peer Specialist and host several wellness and recovery groups including "Stress down, recovery Up".



Essential Oil Basics~

6:30pm-8:30pm $10


There is a lot of basic information shared on therapeutic oils.

lease do not wear perfumes as some attendees have allergies to synthetics.


Prayer Drum Circle

Saturday Oct 21st, 2017 7:00pm-8:30pm. $5.00 Send Prayers to those in need and to mother earth. Bring a drum/rattle or borrow one.

As taught and in Honor of Grandmother Berniece Falling Leaves.

Hosted by Bryan Grey Owl Cherokee Nation. Come as you are. All are welcome


Sunday Nov. 5 after service Message Circle by Mrs. Melanie Jusula. Melanie is a gifted medium and longtime spiritualist. $5 12:45pm


Full Moon Shamanic Drum Journey

Friday Nov 3rd,  2017 6:30pm to 8:30pm. $5.00

A Meditation Journey using theta trance inducing drumming, Following the teachings of Sandra Ingraman. Facilitated by Donna Hill, Shari Hart and Michelle Reagan   Bring a small pillow and blanket to enjoy the journey.  Optional potluck following journey. You are invited to join the circle to learn about – and experience – a shamanic drum journey. This is a non-guided meditation for creating a world-wide web of light* or you may choose to explore traveling to the lower, middle or upper realms of non-ordinary reality to seek guidance from power animals or spirit guides. Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for healing, obtaining information, and for spiritual growth.

After the journey, we gather for a simple ; you are invited to stay and share this time even if you don’t bring something… there is always plenty.

Please bring:

• suggested donation of $5

• what you use to get comfortable for meditation: yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye mask

• potluck item and Item to be blessed on altar

6:00 - smudging, brief explanation of journeying, Q&A, and getting settled

6:30 - reading of Transmutation News, 15 minute drumming and sharing

7:30 – potluck

[if you are familiar with our process, you are welcome to show up closer to 6:30]

Hosted by Michelle Regan, Donna Hill, and Shari Hart

*suggested reading: “Creating a Web of Light” at





Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is coming to FSCOP


An ancient, scientific technique which activates the body with Universal energy strengthening the immune system for the healing and transformation of self and others.  Once you are attuned to this frequency of universal radiant energy, it will never leave and you will be able to access it simply by touch.


Classes Offered


Level I Reiki: Nov. 11, 2017                                       Level II Reiki TBA


History and principles of Reiki                                     Second Degree Reiki Symbols

Energy Centers and Discernment                                  Second Degree Reiki techniques

Basic hand positions for healing self and others           Long Distance Reiki energy                                                                   

Reiki I attunement for channeling energy                     Reiki II attunement for channeling energy

Hands on practice                                                          Hands on practice

Manual                                                                           Manual

Certificate of Completion                                              Certificate of Completion



Reiki Master (Level III)   TBA                                    Reiki Teacher As requested


Master Symbol                                                             Master/Teacher attunement   

Master Techniques                                                       Hands on practice

Reiki III attunement for channeling energy                 Manual with all needed teaching materials

Hands on practice                                                        Certificate of Completion


Certificate of Completion


Reiki classes are limited to 6 participants, in order for each participant to receive personal attention. Classes run from 10 A to 4:30 P. With ½ hour for lunch.  Bring a sack lunch.


Members: $80.00          Non-members:  $90.00Audit: $40.00 members, $45.00 non-members.


Classes may be audited for ½ price.



Journeying With the Goddess

Coming In January

Every 2nd Sunday after services at 12:45


In this exciting series of 12 classes taught by Ann Van Dyke you will meet ten Native American Goddesses and learn to apply the lessons they teach.  Each Goddess teaches a different lesson about living in and with your “tribe” (community) and respecting Mother Earth.  You will also create a Sacred Hoop (Medicine Wheel) and make a Dream Catcher suitable for hanging above your bed.  These classes are appropriate for both men and women as both men and women are needed within the tribe.


Grandmother spider teaches how to live in community.

Changing Woman teaches cycles and self-renewal.

Corn Mother teaches provision.

White Buffalo Calf Woman teaches peace.

Bear Woman teaches healing.

Sky Woman teaches discernment.

Sedna teaches respectful living.

Alaghom teaches wisdom.

Xochiquetal teaches love.

Tlazolteotl teaches purity.


This program includess:

·         Monthly Class (make-up classes can be arranged)

·         A notebook with all materials

·         Laminated image of each goddess

·         Journal to record shamanic journeys

·         Loving and supportive community in which to grow

·         Certificate of completion


Classes begin Sunday Jan. 14, 2018 after the service.  Cost for members is $15.00, cost for non-members is $20.00.


Vision Board Workshop

Sunday Dec 31st, 2017   1pm-3pm   $20

Start 2018 with a new Vision. Intent, Purpose, Passion and work will propel you to create a bountiful 2018.
A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life
Facilitated by Rev. Jackie Shein

Jackie has been teaching this workshop since 2008. Jackie is well verse in the Law of Attraction

$20 Board provided

This will be instructive, in How, What, and Why it works and time for you to craft your board.

Some scissors glue sticks available
Some magazines and images provided, but please bring images of what you would like to see in 2018