Although the following links are all members of First Spiritualist Church of Puyallup, the services offered are independent of our religion and church. We cannot be responsible for the content or services rendered, nor does a link constitute an endorsement.


Melanie Dawn Intuitive Card Reader Melanie’s ability comes from a long lineage of psychic’s as well as years of devoted study. Originally taught by her grandmother on how to do readings with a standard deck of playing cards over thirty years ago, she has been giving readings using this unique technique passed down to her from her psychic grandmother. Using her skills as a spiritual teacher and advisor for over 15 years and having taught classes on a variety of subjects including psychic development and healing; has given her a unique insight which she is happy to share. Melanie is available for private sessions and parties as well as house blessings and clearings and haunting investigations. To schedule an appointment call 253-375-7256 or email: melaniechase@comcast.net

Rev. Nicholas Williams is a practicing Medium, Healer, Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and soon to be a Past Life Regression Specialist. Readings from loved ones, guides, other dimensional beings. Astrology interpretation Reports- Natal, Transits, Relationships. Contact: 253-397-4943 nicpaul2@hotmail.com